Where to See Wild Giraffes in Africa

The giraffe has been a crowd favorite since forever. In the zoos, the giraffe’s enclosure is always crowded around with people wanting to take a look at this gentle giant. But, there may be some that would want to go to Africa to see this magnificent mammal in its natural habitat. But what are the best places in Africa to see wild giraffes?At this point in time, the wild giraffes are fast becoming an endangered species. This is due to the intrusion of man on its habitat and also because of the aggressive hunting of these and other African animals. However, in West Africa, tourism has become more of a money-earner than hunting, which means that there will be more chance to see wild giraffe in that area.One of the best places to see wild giraffes in Africa would be in Niger. In Haoukoussa and Yeni villages, wild giraffes are known to go in and out from the human settlements. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find herds of giraffes grazing in the fields as the humans work beside them. This is a result of a conservation project that is ongoing in the country that pays for both the upkeep of the giraffes and compensation for the people’s crops that get eaten. The result is astounding – there is no hunting of giraffes and the people’s livelihood has become better because of tourism.

Kenya is another place to go, from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru. The Masai Mara safari is watched over by the highest mountain in all Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Despite all the heat, dust, and lack of moisture, the snow at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro never melts. In its foothills, the Giraffe Center in Nairobi provides shelter to herds of wild giraffes by restoring its natural habitats.The Serengeti, the national park of Tanzania, is one of the most popular places to find the wild giraffe. These encompass the endless savannas that shelter the giraffe’s favorite food, the acacia. Plains game abounds here, with wildebeest and zebras heading the more populous groups. This is also the scene where the great wildebeest migration starts from.Lake Manyara National Park is found in the “Green Hills of Africa,” Hemingway’s famous novel. Walking safaris rule in this area and there are an abundance of wild animals to be seen in this verdant jewel. Apart from the wild giraffe, the buffalo, elephant, hippo, and black rhino can be viewed in the sanctuary. Predators such as the lion and the leopard roam the park. Many of the animals can be viewed near the lake when they come in at night to get water. In the daytime, the pink flamingos decorate the shores of the lake.

South Africa has its share of wild giraffes, too. Some miles away from Victoria Falls is the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The Matetsi Game Lodge sits right on the Zambezi, which attracts elephants, hippos, various birds, and the elusive wild giraffe. There aren’t too many predators in the area though, so there are not many sightings of leopards or lions.